Maximize Uptime with PDS’ Predictive Maintenance
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Predictive Maintenance

Spindle Health Monitoring System

The Spindle Health Monitoring System is used to expand and enhance spindle diagnostics according to vibration and temperature analysis. The miniaturized system can be affordably installed directly or retro-fitted within your spindle ensuring real-time monitoring, as well as reducing the machine downtimes by predicting malfunctions.

Our Spindle Health Monitoring System provides monitoring of machine spindles at scale for emerging symptoms of bearing and temperature anomalies.

Spindle Health Monitoring can be added to spindles at your location or ours. Contact PDS to discuss the possibilities!

For more information on PDS’ Predictive Maintenance programs, download our brochure, contact us here or call 704-922-1206.

Learn more about our PrecisionCareSM Program

Visualize real-time monitoring of all machines.

Tailor to specific machines.

Maintain the spindle in optimum health utilizing the continuous spindle life monitoring algorithm which is computed by using real-time vibration and temperature values.

Fast digital output (<1ms) for connection to the machine emergency stop.

Review events to look at spindle history, all alarms and warnings, check-up, power on, shutdowns and modifications to the device parameters.

Maximize Uptime with PDS’ Predictive Maintenance

Compact. Integrated.

The hybrid MEMS technology 3D piezoelectric guarantees complete signal analysis on a wide band. The presence of a microprocessor with integrated memory allows local detection and storage of collision phenomena, imbalance, overloads, anomalies of the working cycle, tool wear and bearings diagnostics.

Sensor dimensions with connector M12 x 1,0 - L 41mm*
Sensor dimensions with integrated cable M12 x 1,0 - L 32mm*
Sensor dimensions with integrated cable M16 x 1,5 - L 22mm*
Integrated cable length 5m / 16ft**
Integrated triaxial sensor MEMS ±16g 1.000Hz
Integrated monoaxial sensor Piezoelectric ±50g 10kHz
Working temperature -40÷85°C (-40÷185°F)
Shock resistance 10.000g
Connectivity Modbus TCP or RTU on RS485

*Sensor is available in 3 sizes to guarantee all installation types inside the machine tool.
**Optional extensions available: 10m/32 ft, 20m/65 ft, 30m/98 ft.

Maximize Uptime with PDS’ Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive Spindle Monitoring Systems are added, upon customer request, to your spindle during repair.

    Configuration of spindle operation to help determine which type of sensor works best for the application: (*)

    Application environment: (*)

    Spindle size: (*)

    Type: (*)

    Operating Environment:
    Dust collectionSafety guardsCooling nozzles

    Data recording device preference: (*)

    Do you require monitoring during spindle transport to detect damage in transit? (*)

    Options required: (*)
    Event Logbook - Trend data for collision, RMS, temperatureTriaxial Real Time Data - Enables raw, real time data from triaxial sensorHigh Frequency Monoaxial Data- Enables raw, buffered data from high frequency piezo sensorFFT Analysis - A sensor with high frequency monoaxial accelerometer values that are used to compute a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This displays data in the frequency domain, in order to evaluate the bearing frequencies.Collision Waveform Recorder - Enables waveform downloads for the last 10 collision alarm eventsHistorical Trends - Download trend dataSpindle Check-up - Enables spindle lifetime function and statistical downloadsService Notes - Storage of up to 40 service notesOn-Site Service

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