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Predictive Maintenance


Maximize Uptime with PDS’ Predictive Maintenance

Machine spindles are an integral part of the machining process and are the most overlooked component, often resulting in costly downtime and scrap. It is always less expensive to rebuild or repair a running spindle close to the end of its life than to repair or rebuild a spindle that has catastrophically failed. A locked-up or “crashed” spindle can cost twice the repair of a worn running spindle.

To protect your investment and production- PDS Predictive Maintenance Services offers a variety of solutions—from installed integrated spindle sensors that hard wire to the machine and internet for real-time monitoring to scheduled portable spindle monitoring by PDS field technicians. Both predictive maintenance programs maximize the machines’ uptime and part quality by detecting major spindle problems before costly and time-consuming catastrophic spindle failure, similar to the engine warning lights on your automobile.

PDS technicians visit your shop quarterly and attach wireless sensors for a quick review of the spindle’s health. This is then compared to the initial threshold measurements or to PDS’s extensive library of spindles analyzed to predict spindle life. Through predictive maintenance, you will know when to replace tools or adjust speeds and feeds to optimum cutting efficiency, increasing productivity and prolonging machine life.

The result is increased productivity by eliminating scrap and wasteful, excessive machine downtime before the spindle catastrophically fails.

For more information on PDS’ Predictive Maintenance programs, contact us here or call 704-922-1206.

Predictive Spindle Monitoring Systems are added, upon customer request, to your spindle during repair.

Configuration of spindle operation to help determine which type of sensor works best for the application: (*)

Application environment: (*)

Spindle size: (*)

Type: (*)

Operating Environment:
Dust collectionSafety guardsCooling nozzles

Data recording device preference: (*)

Do you require monitoring during spindle transport to detect damage in transit? (*)

Options required: (*)
Event Logbook - Trend data for collision, RMS, temperatureTriaxial Real Time Data - Enables raw, real time data from triaxial sensorHigh Frequency Monoaxial Data- Enables raw, buffered data from high frequency piezo sensorFFT Analysis - A sensor with high frequency monoaxial accelerometer values that are used to compute a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This displays data in the frequency domain, in order to evaluate the bearing frequencies.Collision Waveform Recorder - Enables waveform downloads for the last 10 collision alarm eventsHistorical Trends - Download trend dataSpindle Check-up - Enables spindle lifetime function and statistical downloadsService Notes - Storage of up to 40 service notesOn-Site Service

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