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As a high-quality CNC spindle manufacturer, PDS services and represents three main types of electric spindles: Manual Tool ChangeAutomatic Tool Change, and ATC Belt-Drive. We also offer more than 150 models of new standard and custom spindles with power up to 40hp and speeds up to 60,000 rpm to optimize production. A broad range of CNC spindle speeds, power, cooling methods, and tool-holding styles can be combined for a custom-tailored solution to your unique manufacturing challenges. Our experts can help assess your production needs and make solid recommendations concerning CNC spindles and spindle accessories to enhance production performance.

Browse from our collection of new CNC spindles available:

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) spindles are available in a wide range of speed, power and features that use a clamping system for tool holders.

This type of spindle features a spring collet-type tool retention system. The clamping system uses a collet nut to compress a collet and secure the tool in the tool holder. Tool setup is done ‘manually’ at the machine.

With spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm and available in 13.5 HP, 16 HP, and 23 HP sizes and are designed to convert 3 axis machines to provide 5-axis contour profiling capability.

For use in woodworking, plastic, and light alloy machines, the manual tool-change, double-ended (bi) spindles are designed to be cooled by compressed air or liquid.

PDS offers Boring Units for multi-center machining in parallel, perpendicular, and right-angle applications.

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