5 Axis Spindles

Three models of 5-axis bi-rotating heads are available from PDS to meet a broad range of contouring machining needs.

With spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm and available in 13.5 HP, 16 HP, and 23 HP sizes and are designed to convert 3 axis machines to provide 5-axis contour profiling capability. They feature a 50 degree A-axis tilt design that provides a compact swing radius that allows the head to be positioned in tighter quarters, deliver higher resolution profile machining, with increased stiffness while providing an increased machining range.

All three of these heads provide full 5-axis simultaneous motion contour machining capability for position and feed control for off-angle radial feed (drilling) and off-angle straight line linear feed (milling). As option, all PDS 5-Axis heads can be equipped for 360° continuous rotation.

PDS 5-axis Bi-Rotating heads are a perfect fit for woodworking, light alloys, and composite / fiberglass part manufacturers. By applying 5-axis machining to your manufacturing process, machining capability is increased and opportunities are opened as a ‘high-value part supplier’.