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Spindle Accessories

Industrial Spindle Accessories for CNC Machines

PDS has decades of experience in providing the best technical support to assist in selecting or designing the right industrial spindle accessory for specific applications. Many variables come into play when selecting the right spindle accessory for the job, for example:

  • The material and the geometry of features being cut
  • The type, grade and length of cutting tools used
  • The entry angle and depth of cut to machine with suitable feed-rates that enhance performance
  • The calculated horsepower and torque for each feature
  • Chip load is one of the most important defining elements of the cutting process

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Hiteco Aggregates

As an exclusive distributor of Hiteco aggregates, PDS can offer you a variety of different aggregate configurations that can be used in a myriad of machining applications.

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Boring / Drilling Units

PDS offers Boring and Drilling Units for multi-center machining in parallel, perpendicular, and right-angle applications.

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Variable Frequency Drives

PDS offers the complete line of Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives and Braking Resistors. If you prefer, we can match the spindle to the drive before you receive it.

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Heat Exchangers

This compact unit comes with everything to connect spindles up to 20hp...

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Tool Changers

We offer tool changer carousels from 6 to 24 positions for our OEM customers.

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Tool Holders and Accessories

PDS offers a complete line of top quality tool holders & spindle accessories including custom spindle packages, cutting tools, tool change grippers & more.

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Our trained spindle experts are standing by to help you choose the products that best fit your needs.

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