Up Your Uptime. Down Goes Downtime.

Spindle vibration is one of the most significant indicators of impending failure. The culprit is often bearing failure that goes undetected until chatter appears on workpieces and tolerances are not met. With VibeAid℠, Precision Drive Systems can help diagnose and report these issues providing the opportunity to affordably correct them without the cost of downtime due to spindle failure.

The Extraordinary Cost of Unexpected Spindle Downtime

When it comes to essential equipment in your operation, machine tool spindles are among the most critical, and unplanned downtime can cost more than you may realize. 

The Real Impact of Unplanned Spindle Repairs 

There are several factors to consider when estimating the true cost of surprise spindle failures. Aside from the cost of the shipping and the repair itself, add the expense of idle operators and cascading disruption to your operations. Perhaps the most important cost, and the hardest to quantify, is the impact of not meeting delivery deadlines. Disgruntled customers are a headache no one wants. 

Reputation damage could be the highest price paid and the most difficult to remedy. 

Calendar-Based Maintenance Programs Are Limited 

A thorough and well-planned preventive spindle maintenance program is vital for minimizing unexpected downtime. Yet, time-based predictive maintenance on spindles is not the only answer. Real-time evaluation with real-time performance data is the best solution.  

Sources of Accelerated Spindle Wear and Tear

Extra shifts, particulate or contaminate environments, unusual heat, worn tools, or even just pushing a machine a little to reduce cycle times are all factors that can result in premature breakdowns (and how often might any of those things happen?).

VibeAid℠ Avoid Unforeseen Spindle Breakdowns 

When you protect production with VibeAid℠, our technicians will travel to your site and perform expert vibration analysis on your machines. We can detect impending spindle failure and avoid unplanned downtime!

Increase Your Up Time Even Further 

For even deeper protection, ask about our extended warranty called PrecisionCare℠. It provides an unprecedented two-year warranty complete with an additional Spindle Health Monitoring System. This system continuously monitors a machine for problematic vibrations and is far more effective than periodic maintenance in predicting and preventing untimely mishaps. 

A PDS service technician will travel to your site and thoroughly perform expert vibration analysis on all make and model spindles.

The onsite evaluation provides a comprehensive—

  • Report on any at-risk or impending breakdowns
  • Review your applications with recommended speed and feed best practices
  • Offer advice on the prevention of debris penetration
  • Provide best practices for the longevity of the spindle
  • Suggest optimizations that could improve productivity and reduce wear and damage
  • Establish a reoccurring preventative maintenance review with evidence-based data for satisfying ISO 13373 and ISO 17359 condition monitoring and machine diagnostics.

Maintain Operational Integrity With VibeAid℠

Protect your business up time and prevent your machine tool spindle downtime. Contact PDS today for a VibeAid℠ spindle analysis for your shop floor.


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