Digital Stroke Gauge

Make HSK Stroke Adjustments More Accurately and Quickly

Get more accurate stroke measurements on HSK clamping sets with the new Precision Digital Stroke Gauge from PDS.

Now CNC operators don’t have to struggle with calipers to make clamp group/gripper set adjustments. With its easy-to-use, patent-pending design, the Precision Digital Stroke Gauge from PDS enables you to get more accurate measurements so you can adjust the stroke more quickly and easily.

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How HSK stroke measurements are simplified with the Precision Digital Stroke Gauge:

  1. Actuate the spindle tool release
  2. Place the gauge against the tool’s face and zero it out
  3. Set the gauge on a flat surface
  4. Check and compare the measurement displayed against the specification
  5. Adjust and re-check until the stroke is within tolerance

Benefits of the Precision Digital Stroke Gauge:

  • Measurements are accurate to ± 0.001 inches, ± 0.025 mm
  • Works in any position
  • Its stable base provides reliable, repeatable measurements
  • Eliminates the need for visual access to the spindle nose
  • Magnets on the base of the gauge increase accuracy and ease-of-use

For more information on PDS’ Digital Stroke Gauge, contact us here or call 704-922-1206.

Digital Gauge for HSK Stroke Adjustments

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