Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Persico

"Persico has been using PDS products for the last few years and they have been proven to be reliable quality spindles. PDS service is fast, responsive, and the technical team is knowledgeable about the product. Help was always available, with fast responsive times. I’d highly recommend them to anyone."

Igor Kovacevsk | Product/Project Engineer - Rochester Hills, MI

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Custom Profile Plastic Extrusions

"I want to commend the team at PDS for solving a significant production issue for Phenix Marble that cost us 20 weeks in machine downtime and close to $30,000 in repair costs. We sent a non-functioning VEM stone and marble spindle to two different repair houses, and even though we paid the entire repair cost, each time it was returned, it still didn’t work. We received little to no support from the spindle manufacturer or machine builder. PDS’ spindle repair services came highly recommended by a friend at Concord Machinery. The team at PDS performed a Root Cause Failure Analysis and accurately diagnosed and repaired the spindle. Once received, we tested it and performed like a new unit. PDS pulled through. I can't thank PDS enough and we will be using them again, without question."

Brandon Roberts | Director of Operations - Phenix Marble

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Expanded Technologies

"PDS completed our spindle repair on time and their workmanship was 100%."

Richard Bushey - Kenosha, WI

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from United Tool and Mold

"Boston Gear is extremely pleased with the user-friendly Spindle Health Monitoring System provided by Precision Drive Systems (PDS).  The system’s ability to collect temperature, vibration, and collision data in real-time is amazing!  Now valuable data is collected from any location – alerting us to when the machine is running idle, grinding parts or being abused.  Armed with real-time knowledge, we now can predict when to schedule maintenance and having that control is awesome!  Prior to the Spindle Health Monitoring System, we used to wait until the machine was totally locked up and rushed to get the spindle rebuilt. Now Boston Gear can prepare for the shutdown instead of experiencing a catastrophic failure.

Thanks, PDS we will be networking many more of these systems into our production floor!"

Marty Johns - Charlotte, NC

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from United Tool and Mold

"The PDS team has always been professional and courteous, with emphasis on quality and customer support."

Pete Kanai - Belmont, NC

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from United Tool and Mold

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and the staff at PDS for the customer support and fast response time that was given to us at United Tool & Mold on this entire spindle project. The spindle is running great so far, and we were very impressed not only at that but also by the way you immediately came down to back your work. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and I will recommend you to other contacts when I get the opportunity. Thank you again for your support and commitment!"

Justin Maness - Liberty, SC

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Wenger Woodcraft

"I learned about PDS when the spindle on my CNC router froze up suddenly. My workload was extremely heavy at the time, so they rushed it for me. The experience was positive! I have purchased tooling from them since and I will use PDS again if needed."

Charles Wenger - Tuscola, Il

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Haynes Woodworking, LLC

"PDS quickly evaluated and repaired our CNC spindle and returned it to us minimizing downtime. A+ team!"

Myron Haynes - Whitefish, MT

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Strongwell

"Many thanks to the PDS team for breathing new life into our oldest Chevalier surface grinder! The spindle you repaired for us grinds better die finish surfaces for us than the machine did when it was new. We appreciated receiving spindle delivery three days ahead of schedule, minimizing downtime."

Robert Holzer - Bristol, VA

"It's nice to see that there are still companies out there that are not just about the money. The team at PDS is trustworthy and this company is a standup company with dignity and professionalism throughout the organization."

Kirk Rinker - Weare, NH

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Boston Gear Company

"We at Boston Gear really appreciate the professional and courteous service we receive from PDS. They are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our needs (we are not an easy customer to deal with when we have a spindle to go down). They have also offered us several suggestions to keeping our spindles healthy and tools for monitoring the life of our spindles. Thanks PDS, there are not many left like you out there."

Marty Johns - Charlotte, NC

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Leatherman Tool Group

"The spindles we are receiving from you from a balancing aspect have been absolutely phenomenal. I am talking Nano ounces, which I cannot achieve without a spec of paint."

Mike Pazour - Portland, OR

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from CR Foam

"Any questions or help I needed, the guys at PDS took the time to do research and delivered answers rather quickly! I received my part in excellent, clean condition, and for a very decent price. Here at CR Foam we thank you for your kind service!"

Marc Stahl - Wessington Springs, SD

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Global Building Products

"PDS is exceptionally knowledgeable and took the time to listen to my needs and design criteria. I've dealt with other spindle manufacturers and have never received the attention to detail that was needed in order to get the right tool for the job."

Lee Nihart - Elkhart, IN

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from House of Design

"PDS has been a great partner/supplier with a rapid turnaround on repair work when our customer was in a down situation. We appreciate their great customer service and technical support!"

Joe Mason - Nampa, ID

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Wisconsin Built

"PDS was more than willing to help and in a timely manner. They helped us with something very quickly that the OEM was really dragging their feet on. Also, PDS' price was 80% less than the OEM’s (when they finally provided a quote, which was 3-4 weeks after PDS delivered the parts). PDS is a pleasure to work with and those guys are at the top of the list when considering future purchases."

Chris Megal - Deerfield, WI

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Velox CNC

"The engineers at VELOX CNC have been very familiar with the PDS brand for over 15 years. PDS has been a choice vendor for our spindles! Their outstanding service is one of the main reasons why we use the PDS brand. Their quick, experienced, and professional service has kept VELOX CNC ordering more spindles each year. Their capacity for spindle repair has been a big plus to why we gravitate to PDS. We appreciate the high level of products that PDS has provided us and it has been a brand that we have trusted over the years. We would recommend PDS to OEM and end users with confidence."

Ron Liboon - Orange, CA

"The spindle you repaired is so quiet I wasn’t even sure it started when we turned it on. I had no idea it was supposed to be that quiet. Judging from what I have seen since the repair, the spindle is in great shape now. Thanks a lot."

Mike Struyk - Coopersville, MI

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Custom Profile Plastic Extrusions

"Thank you all very much. We are very appreciative of you all being able to do the job for us, and after knowing the performance of the last rebuild, I believe that I would take your rebuild over a new unit at the same price…"

Brett Chapman - Greenville, SC

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from Polymer Facrication Inc

"I have been using PDS to repair my spindles over the past 14 years, and I am very pleased with your company's commitment to quality repairs. Our spindles run over 1500 hrs a year, and we have been able to get 5000 hrs of running after your bearing and re-balance repairs.
Keep up the good work!"

Juan Loebel | President - Ormond Beach, FL

Testimonial for Spindles and Spindle Repair from ANCHOR Fabrication

"I want to personally thank you on behalf of our entire company. PDS was pivotal in helping us solve a year-long thorn in our side."

Jason Flatt | Maintenance Supervisor/Engineering Tech. II 5S/Environmental Compliance Coordinator - Fort Worth, TX

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