Woodworkers Can Save Time, Money and Downtime with Precision Drive Systems’ Spindle Repair Services

BESSEMER CITY, NC — Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global provider of high-speed precision spindle motors, support and spindle repair based in Bessemer City, NC, is working to help customers in the woodworking industry save time, money and downtime with its Local Drop-Off and Quick-Turn services — two valuable programs designed to expedite repairs of spindles, saw arbors and moulder spindles.

“When your woodworking spindles or saw arbors need to be repaired or rebuilt, PDS’ Local Drop-Off and Quick-Turn services provide superior efficiency and the greatest value,” explained Bob Barone, Vice President for PDS. “PDS offers local customers substantial savings by encouraging them to bring their woodworking spindles and saw arbors directly to our repair center for restoration or emergency repairs. Our Bessemer City, NC facility is equipped with a highly skilled technical staff who provide outstanding support and specialize in repairing all brands of high-speed electric spindles, moulder spindles and saw arbors to help our customers minimize costly downtime.”

The Local Drop-Off service is available to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky within 400 miles of PDS. Once a repair form is completed and sent, PDS will email a copy of the form to be printed and included when delivering the unit.

PDS also has its own Quick-Turn emergency repair service to help woodworking customers minimize downtime. Just call prior to shipping and PDS will confirm the Quick-Turn service request once the tool has been received and inspected. Quick-Turn emergency repairs are top priority, with a three-business-day turnaround once the unit has been received and disassembled at PDS.

Since 1996, PDS has been the global leader in providing high-speed precision spindle motors, support and spindle repairs for CNC machines in the wood and plastics industries. The company manufactures automatic and manual tool-change spindles and 5-axis heads under its own PDS brand and offers new spindles from leading manufacturers IMA TECHNO, Giordano Colombo, Hiteco and Spintec. The PDS corporate office is located in Bessemer City, NC. European customers are provided service by the PDS repair facility in Lohne, Germany, with six other affiliate offices located throughout the world to assist and support their customers quickly wherever they need spindles or service. For more information, visit or call 704-922-1206.

For More Details, Contact:

Bob Barone, Vice President
4367 Dallas Cherryville Highway Bessemer City, NC 28016
Ph: 1-704-922-1206
Email: or visit

Posted on: February 7th, 2019 by: Precision Drive Systems


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