Robert Turk Named President of Precision Drive Systems

BESSEMER CITY, NC — Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global solution provider of precision motor spindles, expert engineering and support, and repair services headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has announced today that Robert Turk has been promoted to the role of the company’s President.

“All of us at PDS are pleased to welcome Bob Turk as President,” said Allen Turk, Founder and CEO. “His extensive experience in sales and marketing and deep familiarity with the company make him the natural choice to lead PDS and its customers into the next generation of spindle industry solutions.” Robert Turk succeeds the company’s interim President, Allen Turk. Prior to this promotion, Robert served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In his new role as the president of the company, Robert’s responsibilities now include sales, marketing, engineering and design, manufacturing, finance, field services, and customer support. He assumes global financial, operational, and strategic oversight of both PDS US, in Bessemer City, NC and PDS GmbH in Herford, Germany. 

Bringing a 30-year multi-national career to his new role, Robert’s experience ranges from serving large global corporations including Siemens and Eaton to the most recent decade leading an independent consultancy for commercialization, merger, and acquisition of analytic software, automation technology products, and connected electrical devices across various industrial and medical device industry segments. Fueled by competitive differentiation and new category creation, his career has mindfully migrated from leading large international corporate business units to more recent start-up and mid-tier capitalized ventures such as Precyse Solutions, nThrive, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Explorys—IBM Watson, Kings Medical Systems, and Aria Health Services. With a proven focus on product development, brand value, customer loyalty, and results he provides a unique ability to parse trends, leverage data, chart meaningful strategy, and transform powerful insights into highly effective tactics for customer loyalty, sustainable growth, and profitability. “His leadership and strategic awareness of both external and internal opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry trends and distribution channels will define our future,” said Allen Turk. 

With education from Bowling Green State University and Case Western Reserve University, he has served on leadership advisory boards and is a contributing author and columnist on product innovation, technology transformation, market commercialization, and analytic driven strategy. He is an avid bicyclist, and runner, and enjoys adventure backpacking and competitive soccer. 

Posted on: March 15th, 2023 by: Precision Drive Systems


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