Precision Drive Systems Now Offering Predictive Spindle Maintenance Program

BESSEMER CITY, NC — Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global provider of precision spindle motor support and repair based near Charlotte in Bessemer City, NC, is working to help customers maximize uptime and prevent downtime with its new data-driven Predictive Spindle Maintenance Program.

“PDS’ Predictive Spindle Maintenance Program is ideal for customers that submit metalworking spindles for repair. The technology to monitor key production metrics can be integrated by our expert technicians,” explained Allen Turk, President and CEO of PDS. “Our predictive maintenance services maximize machine uptime and part quality by detecting major spindle problems before costly and time-consuming catastrophic spindle failure.”  PDS’ spindle monitoring technology also protects the machine and workpiece by rapidly shutting down the machine tool in the event of a crash.

During routine spindle repairs performed in PDS’ state-of-the-art North Carolina service facility, PDS technicians embed sensors that connect the spindles to the Internet of Things (IoT) employing Industry 4.0 protocols that provide distributive data for manufacturing process improvements. These embedded sensors are hardwired to the machine for real-time, online monitoring of excessive spindle-bearing vibrations and heat to reliably predict the life of the spindle and protect the machine in the event of a crash. This constant monitoring detects major spindle problems before costly and time-consuming catastrophic spindle failure — repairing a seized-up or crashed spindle can cost up to twice as much as repairing of a worn spindle that is still running. This predictive spindle maintenance service enables customers to know when to replace tools or adjust speeds and feeds to optimize cutting efficiency, increase productivity and prolong machine life.

PDS also offers a quarterly service where PDS technicians visit the customer’s shop and attach portable wireless sensors to the machine for a quick glimpse at the spindle’s health. This evaluation is then compared to the spindle’s nominal threshold measurements or to PDS’ extensive library of spindle data that can effectively predict spindle life.  This quarterly service increases productivity by eliminating scrap and wasteful, excessive machine downtime before the spindle catastrophically fails.

About Precision Drive Systems

Since 1996, PDS has been the global leader in providing motor spindles, with over 36,000 spindles repaired. The company specializes in support and repairs for spindles in the metal, wood, plastics, stone and robotics manufacturing industries. The PDS corporate office is located near Charlotte in Bessemer City, NC. European customers are provided service by the PDS repair facility in Lohne, Germany, with six other affiliate offices located throughout the world to assist and support PDS’ customers quickly, wherever they need metalworking spindles or service.

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Allen Turk
President and CEO
Precision Drive Systems
4367 Dallas Cherryville Highway
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Ph: 1-704-922-1206

Posted on: November 25th, 2019 by: Precision Drive Systems


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