Precision Drive Systems Launches VibeAid℠ Vibration Analysis Services

BESSEMER CITY, NC — Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global provider of precision motor spindles, expert engineering and support, and repair services in Charlotte, NC, has announced that it has launched a new spindle vibration analysis service called VibeAid℠ to help predict and prevent poor machining results, workpiece errors, and ultimate spindle failure. VibeAid℠ prevents manufacturing downtime.

“Vibrations that indicate the onset of bearing failure are one of the most significant indicators of impending spindle failure,” said Robert Turk, President PDS. “VibeAid℠ from PDS is an Industry 4.0 solution to diagnose, report, and correct these issues without incurring costly downtime due to spindle failure. It is perhaps the most vital component of any preventative maintenance program, regardless of the machine or application.

While a preventive spindle maintenance program is vital for maximizing uptime, an evaluation with real-time performance data is the best solution for predicting and avoiding impending spindle failure. With VibeAid℠, PDS manufacturing engineers will travel onsite to perform expert vibration analysis on any spindle make and model. PDS will troubleshoot all manufacturing plant, production facility, or machine shop spindles. This onsite evaluation provides a comprehensive baseline report for spindle functionality and performance which is compared to operational or design specifications. Periodic return preventative maintenance visits reveal spindles at-risk or impending breakdowns. Using onsite diagnostic tools and remote technologies, PDS spindle health monitoring services provide further real-time discovery for predictive repair triage and management.

PDS will also supplement the protection of VibeAid℠ vibration analysis services with its PrecisionCare℠ extended warranty program. PrecisionCare℠ provides an unprecedented two-year warranty and an additional Spindle Health Monitoring System. This system continuously monitors a machine for problematic vibrations and is far more effective than periodic maintenance in predicting and preventing breakdowns and costly downtime.

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Posted on: April 6th, 2023 by: Precision Drive Systems


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