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Repair Process


Repair and Rebuild Process for Spindles and Panel Arbors

The PDS repair and rebuild process begins after we receive your spindle or arbor and perform our inspection and evaluation. Once the inspection is completed, PDS will prepare a repair quote, review it with you and ask for your approval to proceed.

4 Minute PDS Spindle Repair Process Video

2 Minute PDS Spindle Repair Process Video

PDS Easy and Fast Spindle Rebuild Process!

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Complete Form

Online Form

To initiate the repair/rebuild process, complete the brief; submit repair form or call PDS at 704-922-1206. Upload a photo of your spindle name plate through the PDS site. This step provides valuable information and speeds up the repair process. PDS then provides Return Paperwork confirming shipping address and tracking number.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Shipping Spindle

Shipping the Spindle

• Carefully package spindle, making sure it is adequately protected and can’t shift during shipment. Important; shaft end is very delicate! It is best to use a wooden crate.
• Include return paperwork and mark return number on the outside of the shipping container.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Check In

Check In

When PDS receives your spindle, you will be notified. PDS’s traffic department carefully inspects the shipping container for damage and documents any issues. The spindle is unpacked and photographed; if any physical damage occurred during transit, you will be notified.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Disassembly


The spindle is carefully disassembled, evaluated as components are cleaned, inspected and photo documented.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Evaluation

Evaluation and Customer Quote

Based on forensic disassembly; a detailed Customer Repair Quote, including time, replacement component cost and performance enhancement recommendations are prepared and communicated to you. PDS provides an industry unique root cause failure analysis, in addition to detailing what repairs and replacement components needed to return the spindle to factory specifications or better.

Once PDS receives “approval to proceed” the spindle repair/rebuild will be completed in a timely fashion! Typically, repaired standard spindles are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Should you decide not to have your spindle repaired; PDS will box the unassembled parts and return or scrap the unit – your choice. Shipping costs are customer’s responsibility.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Repair and Assembly

Repair and Assembly

• All spindle components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
• All defective parts are refurbished or replaced, new bearings and seals ensure your spindle meets or exceeds OEM specifications.
• Rotating assemblies are tested; rebalanced and bearing preload spacers are reground.
• Spindle is clean room assembled, inspected and performance checked to OEM specifications.
• The spindle tool retention system; arbor, collet lock nut or power actuated drawbar is tested for correct operation, secure tool retention, run-out and dynamic balanced

PDS stocks a large selection of spindle components and bearings and has the capability to refurbish, reverse engineer and make new components.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Testing


• All repaired spindles undergo a thoroughly documented inspection.
• The spindles are precision balanced to ensure optimum life and performance.
• The spindles are cycled through a computer monitored break-in/ramp-up cycle to ensure dispersed spindle lubrication and optimum running temperature. The run-off procedure is approved by the quality inspector, registered in our document files and signed-off before the repair is complete.
• Spindle wiring, connectors and cover plates are reassembled and sensors adjusted.

Spindle Rebuild and Repair Process - Check Out

Check Out

At checkout, the spindle is staged in the shipping area. Spindle documentation and any parts or tooling provided by the customer are returned.

After final sign-off by a quality inspector. The spindle is carefully packed for return shipment, enclosed is a copy of sign-off checklist, specifications and a 12-month warranty card.

The PDS team is comprised of an industry-leading spindle engineering department experienced in solving reoccurring spindle issues, onsite spindle vibration analysis, selection of a new spindle to enhance productivity or custom design a spindle system for unique applications.

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