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Spindle Hotel


Store Your Spindles at the PDS ‘Spindle Hotel’

In addition to professional maintenance and service for your spindles, multi-center boring and drilling units, PDS also offers a safe place to store your devices with our spindle-storage service. The PDS service program also includes check-ups of your spindles for proper function at regular intervals.

Advantages of Storing Your Spindles With PDS:

  • Warranty period begins right after spindle delivery
  • 100% ready for operation and immediate delivery
  • Safe storage in a locked, temperature-controlled, inventory control room in a vibration-free area
  • Stored in solid packaging
  • Rotated twice a month to prevent bearing damage and grease migration
  • Powered and function-tested every three months

With PDS spindle storage services, you can extend the life of your spindles and reduce maintenance costs.

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Spindle Hotel

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