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Rebuilt 5.5 HP, RA/RC 90/22 35 FP1 ISO 25 CR PDE SF SL, Electric Spindle, 220/380 V, 16/9.4 A, 24000/32000 RPM, 400/533 Hz, 2 Pole

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Extended spindle nose
Cooling by liquid or compressed air
Air pressure seal of front bearings
Quiet operation: Max 72 dBA at top speed
Automatic tool change controlled by pneumatic actuator and drawbar sensors
Tool clamping by balls for ISO 25 tapers
Liquid Cooling: 3 l/min at 2 Bar
Dry Air Cooling: 200 Nl/min at 6 Bar
Weight: 45 lbs
Dual angular contact super precision bearings at both ends
Ceramic bearings front and rear
Cone clean feature
Copper Rotor

Item #S25301-5.5D

Warranty: 6 months from purchase
*All prices are NET – no discounting on rebuilt spindles

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Weight 70 lbs


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