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  The PDS XLC70 quick-release 3.0 horsepower spindle is capable of operating at speeds up to 40,000RPM. According to the CNC manufacturer AXYZ International, this is nearly double the previous limit for spindles (20,000RPM).  Since it’s cooled with compressed air, the new spindle does not require the additional purchase of any water-cooling equipment such as chillers.

The PDS XLC70 has received S1 designation from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which means it works at a constant load for enough time to reach temperature equilibrium. In other words, the spindle can run full-speed on full power all day.

“Manufacturers who want to increase productivity will find that since the spindle is able to spin tools almost twice as fast as other models, materials are cut faster. As a result, customers profit from finishing jobs more quickly and seeing a swift return on the machine investment,” said Robert Marshall, vice president of market development at AXYZ.

According to the company, high spindle speeds enhance cut quality as well as speed, yielding products with high-quality edge finishes. This makes the PDS XLC70 ideal for machining plastics, composites and nonferrous metals.

The spindle is built by Precision Drive Systems (PDS) and distributed by AXYZ International. It is available on all AXYZ Pacer and Trident series machines or as a retrofit for older machines, subject to specification.

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