CNC Spindles

PDS has decades of experience in providing the best technical support to assist in selecting or designing the right CNC spindle for specific applications.

Many variables come into play when selecting the right CNC spindle for the job. For example:

  • The material and the geometry of features being cut
  • The type, grade and length of cutting tools used
  • The entry angle and depth of cut to machine with suitable feed-rates that enhance performance
  • The calculated horsepower and torque for each feature
  • Chip load is one of the most important defining elements of the cutting process


Automatic Tool Change

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) spindles are available in a wide range of speed, power and features that use a clamping system for tool holders. The tool holders, typically HSK or ISO-style tapers, allow full integration with your CNC or robot so tool changes can be conducted with no manual intervention. This allows for a range of sizes and types of cutter, drill or shaper to be placed in tool holders off-line and used on a single machine. This can improve the capability of the machine and reduce overall production time.

Industrial Spindles for CNC - Automatic Tool Change


Manual Tool Change

Manual Tool Change (MTC) spindles are available in a wide range of speed, power and features. They can be single-ended or double-ended, which would allow for two tools in a single spindle or an arbor shaft on which to mount saw blade or sanding wheel. They require manually changing of the cutter, drill or shaper by hand at the spindle. This will require a set of hand tools and stoppage of the machine while the tooling is changed.

Industrial Spindles for CNC - Manual Tool Change


5 Axis Heads

PDS offers several models of Hiteco 5-Axis Bi-Rotating Heads to meet a broad range of contouring machining needs. These heads are available with spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm, in sizes ranging from 13.5hp to 47hp, and are designed to convert 3-axis machines to provide 5-axis contour profiling capability.

Industrial Spindles for CNC - 5-Axis Heads


HSD Replacement Spindles

Now there’s a plug-and-play replacement with the same specs as the most popular router spindle on the market. The PDS Ultratech offers the same configuration of the HSD models 915, 919 and 929.

Industrial Spindles for CNC - HSD Replacement Spindles


Spintec Spindles

As a reseller of SPV Spintec High-speed Spindles, PDS offers a variety of different high-speed spindles, hydraulic chucks and accessories.

Industrial Spindles for CNC - Spintech Spindles

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